ISOVIA, INC. / J P MOBILE, INC - Wireless and Mobile Applications (Boston, Massachusetts) Isovia was an enterprise software provider that allowed companies to deliver powerful wireless and mobile applications to its workforce. In December 2001, Isovia was acquired by JP Mobile, which is a leading software developer that extends enterprise information to handhelds. Its products simplify data management across multiple handhelds with a single server from behind the corporate firewall.


XYTRANS, INC. - Broadband Wireless Communications (Orlando, Florida) Xytrans manufactures millimeter wave transceivers used in broadband wireless communications. The transceivers operate in the 20-40 GHz frequency bands, point-to-multipoint, LMDS, consecutive point networks and in satellite communications.


MILCOM TECHNOLOGIES, INC.A Leader in Commercializing Technologies (Orlando, Florida). Milcom is a seed stage venture firm with a unique business model. It conceives, creates, launches and seeds dominant technology companies enabled by proven, well-funded technology supplied by its technology partners (primarily defense contractors). Milcom creates market-dominant companies that develop advanced products and applications that solve critical commercial problems and capitalize on market needs.

GLOBALSYS SERVICES, INC. - Offshore professional programming services. (Orlando, Florida). GSS provides low-cost, highly skilled and experienced offshore professional programming services to European and US companies. Launched in October 2000, GlobalSys has established a business affiliate relationship with MILCOM.

MESH NETWORKS, INC. - Wireless router. (Orlando, Florida) A Milcom company launched in February 2000, Mesh has created a patented, proven mobile multi-media communications platform for Mobile Internet. It offers a unique communications platform that is the first in the industry to provide a truly mobile infrastructure.

THE NANOSTEEL COMPANY, LLC. - ‘Superhard Steel’ Nano-Technology. (Orlando, Florida) The superhard steel developed by this nano-technology company, when applied as a coating to a metal surface, gives it 4 times the surface hardness of the best conventional steel alloys. It exhibit qualities that have never been achieved before in the metal industry. The coating is a mere 20,000th of an inch – a little more than a micron in thickness, thus adding negligible weight to the metal. The coating is one of the hardest metallic materials yet made. Milcom’s first nano-tech company.

REALVUE SIMULATION TECHNOLOGIESSimulation. (Orlando, Florida) RealVue, a Milcom company, provides powerful development and run-time simulation products to the commercial industrial and manufacturing sectors. The lead simulation product - VistaReal™ - provides a synthetic training environment for operators and maintainers of complex equipment and machinery.


RICH DIGITAL MEDIA, LLC. - Real-time Rich Digital Media. (Orlando, Florida) Markets and produces multi-media products (MMPs) for digital signage primarily used in point of sale advertising. This new Milcom company has just been launched and its website is under development.

SKYCROSS, INC - Next-generation antenna technology. (Melbourne, Florida) A Milcom company devoted to the design, development and manufacture of the next generation antenna technology for mobile and fixed communications in the telecommunications, automotive and mobile computing markets.

SOFT MOUNTAIN, INC. - Enterprise software products. (Orlando, Florida) This Milcom company markets and supports sophisticated enterprise-critical software packages to independent software vendors, systems integrators, and large- to medium-sized companies. The company has the exclusive commercial rights to commercialize software acquired through its partnership with Lockheed Martin.

TELASIC, INC - Mixed-signal fables semiconductor. (El Segundo, California) TelASIC is a fabless semiconductor company delivering high performance, cost-effective radio frequency (RF) and analog mixed signal solutions to the wireless marketplace. It offers a complete system solution for advanced wireless applications. This Milcom company started with a $22.5 Million first round financing in January 2002, making it the largest first-round investment in the U.S. for the first half of 2002.


TERANEX, INC - Real-time digital content format conversion. (Orlando, Florida) Launched in 1998 by Milcom, Teranex owns a patented ultra-high performance image processing technology specifically designed to perform real-time video processing, pattern recognition and image analysis. The technology is based on over $243M of R&D from Lockheed Martin and Coleman Research Corporation.



THESEUS LOGIC, INC - Clockless design technology. (Orlando, Florida) A "fabless" semiconductor company developing and marketing a family of "clockless" Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) that will dramatically increase the performance of portable digital devices such as cellular phones and other semiconductor applications.

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